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What We Believe

GATHER: New Life is not just the name of our church, it is a statement about what happens when people encounter Christ.

GROWING: New Life is committed to building believers to maturity in Christ through the authority of Scripture and power of the Spirit.

GLORIFY: New Life believes that every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to glorify the Lord.


Our Profile Of A Healthy Church

Our church is...

  • A worshiping community.
  • An enfolding congregation producing discipled, growing, holy people.
  • A reproducing congregation.
  • Regularly reaching the lost for Christ.
  • Engaged in our world missionary movement.
  • Seeking justice and showing mercy to the poor and disenfranchised.
  • Organizing to best accomplish its purpose and mission.
  • Characterized by intercessory prayer.


Our Non-Negotiables

  • We may not live in violation of the Scriptures.
  • We may not live in violation of the Articles of Religion, the Constitution, the Membership Covenant, or the Mission of the Free Methodist Church.
  • Our pastors may not live in violation of their ordination vows.
  • Our leaders may not lead the church in ways which detract or divert from our mission.